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Silver Sample Service


1. Choose a ring

Choose a ring from our collection you would like to try on.


2. Let us know

Let us know which ring you would like to try by completing the form further down this page.


3. Pay your deposit

You will be required to leave a deposit of £100, once this has been received the ring will be sent to you.


4. Receive your ring

Try on the ring to see if you like the design.


5. Post it back

We ask you to post the ring back to us after 48 hours of receiving it. A pre-paid delivery bag will be provided.


6. Receive your refund

Once we receive the sample ring back we will refund your your deposit immediately.

Request a sample

To request your silver sample, please fill in the form provided.

Terms & Conditions

- You must only try on the silver sample and not wear it. If it is returned to us with marks or damage, we reserve the right to keep your £100 deposit.

- You must send the ring back to us within 48 hours of receiving it unless you have notified us that you may need it for longer.

- A £100 deposit must be paid before any rings are despatched, this can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. We will contact you to arrange this payment.

- When returning the ring, you must take the pre-paid envelope to a Post Office so it can be tracked on its return back to us.

- If you want more than one sample sending to you, it will cost an addition £100 per ring.

- If the ring is not returned, we will charge you the true cost of the ring which can be up to £300 depending on the design.

- The stones in the sample rings are cubic zirconia and we may not stock every stone size. However, if we do not have the size you require, we will send you a loose cubic zirconia stone in the size you want.

- All rings will be supplied in the average size, which is a size M.