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Using An Existing Ring

Here at Cherry Fine Jewellery, we understand the struggle trying to find your partners ring size without them knowing – so we have created a printable PDF designed to help you find the correct size first time.
* Please remember to measure the diameters with a ruler prior to measuring against the ring to double check your printer is calibrated to the same size.

Request A Free Ring Sizer

If you would rather use one of our ring sizers, simply request one clicking the button below and we will send one out to you free of charge. Just remember to submit the address you would like us to send it to.

The Paper Method

Another way to measure a finger accurately is to use a strip of paper. Simply wrap it around the desired finger and make a mark where the paper overlaps itself. Then, just measure the length of the paper from the end to your mark to the nearest millimetre. This will give you the inside circumference.

If all else fails..

Call or drop us an email, we won’t give up until you have the correct size!
Call us on +(44)7593 527543 or email us at