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The Diamond Solitaire

Amazing Brilliance

A single high quality diamond will create great brilliance and will make your ring sparkle in all lighting conditions.

Modern Design

The Solitaire is a simple yet beautiful design which will always look elegant on the finger.

Traditional Setting

A single diamond was the first setting type of any engagement ring spanning back to the 1930’s.

Central Focus

This stye of ring directs all the focus to the single diamond, so it’s paramount you invest in a high quality stone that utilises all the light and emits pure brilliance.

A Timeless Favourite

A solitaire is the most popular choice of engagement ring. You can have any shape diamond set in an array of different styles from four claw to eight claw, a high or a low setting or diamonds set underneath.









The Diamond Halo


A carefully shaped and set halo adds to the beauty of a solitaire and can create a glamorous look.

More Sparkle

More high quality diamonds means more overall sparkle. A halo is a great way to make your ring stand out.

Extraordinary Fire

The halo around the centre stone adds to the amount of diamond flashes we see, increasing the overall fire of the ring.

Bigger Show

A halo creates an illusion that the centre stone is larger from a distance.

More Sparkle For Your Money

The diamond solitaires with a halo are becoming increasingly popular, as they give the illusion that the centre stone is bigger without paying the premium for a larger single stone.









Shoulder Set

Sparkles All Over

Diamonds set in the shoulder elongates the diamond flashes from all angles, making the ring stand out even more.

Flush Design

Shoulders with elegantly set diamonds maximise fire and create a beautifully flush and secure design.

Built For Comfort

Our shoulder set rings are designed so they feel like a solitaire on the finger. No sharp edges, just beautifully flush.


This design has always be a popular option and will retain the rings beauty for a lifetime.

Diamonds All Round

Diamond set shoulders are a great addition to the classic solitaire, it adds more sparkle across the ring and creates a modern look.









The Rubover

Sleek & Secure

The rubover is designed to encase the whole of the diamond, meaning the diamond can never be knocked or lost.

Simplicity Is Key

A beautifully sleek and fluid design, perfect for those who love simplicity.

Enhanced Appearance

A rubover setting is not only the most secure, it also accentuates a diamond by making it look larger.


A beautifully minimalistic design that can be worn everyday.

Minimalistic & Secure

A rubover setting is by far the most secure setting for a diamond ring so there is no worry about losing you diamond. This design is also a perfect choice for someone who wants something simple and minimalistic.










Full Of Class

Vintage style rings have become increasing popular and can look stunning on the finger.

Unique Choice

This style is for those looking for a unique design that can be worn everyday.

Best With Larger Centre Stones

Centre stones over 0.50ct look fantastic in this setting, especially emerald or cushion cut diamonds.

Central Focus

This style emphasises the centre stone of the ring and amplifies its fire.

A Unique Look

Our vintage style engagement rings are a modern twist on the art deco rings made in the 1930’s. These beautiful rings are set with a large centre stone diamond with a fitted diamond halo and shoulders.









The Trilogy

Full Of Fire

With 3 high quality diamonds, you get three times the fire and brilliance.

All Combinations

You can mix and match any shape diamonds or gemstones you wish, giving you the option to create an array of different looks.

A Statement Piece

This setting creates an elegant look with optimum sparkle that represents past, present and future.

A Royal Choice

A style worn by many of the British Royals, recently including Meghan Markle with her cushion cut centre stone with two round diamonds either side which belonged to Princess Diana.

Full Of Fire

A trilogy ring is a modern alternative to the classic solitaire. The number of combinations are endless, you can have different shapes, sizes and types of precious gemstone to create something you’ve always dreamed of.









The Diamond Cluster

A Bigger Show

A diamond cluster creates a larger show of brilliance on the finger and can make the centre stone look larger.

Never-ending Sparkles

As diamonds are set at all angles, diamond flashes can be seen at every angle.

Full Of Beauty

Clusters have grown in popularity and are a great option if you want a larger looking ring for a much smaller price.

A Classic

This style has been around for decades and looks fabulous with a coloured gemstone centre stone like a Sapphire or Ruby.

A Bigger Show

Cluster rings are a great alternative for someone who wants a bigger show of diamonds. You can choose other gemstones such as Rubies and Sapphires to have as the centre stone which will create a beautiful look.



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